You made up your mind and then jumped. You contracted a website designer to help you get your message to the world. The feat is impressive.

Now make sure that message is what you intended it to be. Because you really only get one chance for that all-too-important first impression, make your time count.

Research indicates that your time is truly limited to less than two minutes to get your message across in the appropriate manner to snag a good first impression.

Your Website is being judged at all times.

Your audience will judge your site in those first fateful seconds and judge your performance – is it professional, appropriate and effective – and quickly make up their minds if you’re going to get their business.

The fact is a site can likely lose about thirty-three percent of its potential customers by inadequate design. Take a good, long look at your current site. Does it look professional? Would you use the services or buy the goods for your family or yourself? Does it seem harmonious? Is the site intuitive to navigate?

Does the site have attractive graphics with good colors? Is the formatting, font color, font size consistent on all the site’s pages? Or does your site commit design mistakes that speak amateur as soon as it loads? Does your site seem a little bit off, but you can’t quite figure out why?

There are many common and easy to look over mistakes website owners make than can cause their visitors to leave early, or leave frustrated. Be sure to avoid these common traps.

People are not Dumb

Don’t scatter “Under Construction” signs all over your site. This device is redundant and looks very unprofessional. If your site is not completely developed and published, people should not have the domain, or access. You wouldn’t let people in your new restaurant just to tell them they will have to come back later. Professionals know that timing the launch of your up and running website is key to getting your customers taken care of, getting them happy and insuring they will return. I wouldn’t go back to a closed restaurant – and I am surely not returning to a “coming soon” site.

Have much patience. Wait until the site is really ready. Then advertise, after you go live.

It will help you to avoid the loss of customers who are shy of the ‘under construction’ stigma.
Some site owners put vivid primary colored counters on every page. People are not fooled by counters.

The general public knows that the counters can be easily set to whatever numbers the owner wants. If you don't want to start your counter at zero, you can easily start it with hundreds of thousands of ‘visits’. Bold counter numbers raises a red flag for many visitors and may repel them faster than it attracts.

You will need more substantial traffic tracking tools if you want to convert visitors to customers effectively. Don’t use the counter. Its data is one dimensional and not likely to be accurate.
Many websites do not use copyright statements because they don’t realize that their site is valuable data that needs protection also.

Protect your web design

Some uninformed site owners don't know that their copyright is effective the moment their creative work is set in a fixed form, so they don’t know to put their stamp of ownership on all their work. Your work is your property, claim it. Post your copyright information at the bottom of every page.

First impressions are especially important on the web; today’s surfers won’t wait around for user-friendly, good design. Use some of these tips to think about your site and will likely understand how to stop turning your visitors away at the door.

Get inside your audience’s head, figure out what they want and don’t want. And then make sure your site is built around those likes and dislikes. Use your first few seconds to impress your visitors with powerful yet simple design that conveys your message succinctly.

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