Loosely defined web design is the arrangement and creation of web pages that in turn make up a web site. There are many viewpoints on what makes up this process and due to growing development of the Internet this is constantly evolving.

A website design is critical because it sells the potential of the internet site it represents. A second-rate web design page would repel most people from the site. This would eventually affect the Internet traffic the person or business website is hoping to gather. There are many dos and don'ts when it comes to web site designing.


It is very important in web design that you keep in mind who you are trying to entertain with your site. If it is a youthful audience then you want upbeat backgrounds and colors and a more serious approach if it is aimed toward a more conservative group. The web design of most online sites is aimed to be user friendly and easy to surf.

Websites that have a large amount of images or Flash can take longer than the average website to load. People quickly lose interest in such websites. If a site takes more than one minute to load most Internet users will move on. They are accustomed to speed and expect it. Do not use your web design to impress people with too much eye candy. It is proven that most internet users prefer a balance of professional graphics and simplicity. Sites that are heavily filled with images, sounds and animation can confuse the mind and eye of the user.

Check that the website is compatible with the major browsers which are being used in the world. It is also necessary that when you add animations and graphics to your webpage you are aware what media the browser supports. Web design requires you to acquire this knowledge necessary to make this happen.

Make sure that the web design of your site is relevant. It is important that the documentation on the website is easy to understand and to the point. As with anything, such as television and magazines, you want to keep on topic. You want to insert keywords that are relevant to your industry.

Don't fill your site with useless links and irrelevant text as this diverts most of the traffic from the website plus no one likes a link farm. The amount of information or any knowledge which is provided on the website should be done in a professional manner.

Make sure that you web design is safe from hackers. If you are dealing with online businesses and the web site is also used for cash transactions it is very important that latest security protocols are used to ensure that the exchange of monies is not in jeopardy at anytime.

What most everyone is striving for in a site is ease of use and that they find what they are looking for. You want to be that website. Keep these points in mind and I am sure that your web design will have the most traffic.


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