October 05, 2009

Tiger Team Solutions has been exceptionally patient and helpful in reorganizing our website and making suggestions to make our website a more effective tool. For someone like me who is not technologically inclined, they make the world of difference to work with by providing training on my level, as well as follow-up on a continual basis to ensure my needs are met.


The price we pay for the service and quality we receive is beyond comparison. I am very happy to have Tiger Team Solutions on my team!

Bonnie Boaz
Arkansas Transition Services

August 31, 2009

Tiger Team Solutions, John Powers, and his staff are very professional in all aspects of building and maintaining a web site.  John was referred to me and it was such a great pleasure to meet him.  He and his team listen; they teach; and, most of all, Tiger Team has designed a very beautiful and professional... TOP NOTCH web site for our company. 
John and his staff are always accessible via phone or E-mail.  This is most important because I have many questions that pop up.  We are in the process of getting our web site completed.  It takes time but it is worth every minute. 
I completely trust John and the staff at Tiger Team Solutions.  I highly recomend their craftsmanship!
Angie Bonner
Custom Trophies, Inc.

August 31, 2009

Tiger Team Solutions partnered with us to produce a custom web training app that provides dynamic content updates on the fly by non-programmer employees, placing knowledge generation into the hands of those with the knowledge, and provided a robust online training center and wiki support tool in an attractive, integrated package!

Rhea Fix
PMO | Enterprise Training Manager
USAble Life

August 28, 2009

Nearly one year after Tiger Team Solutions built my web site, I continue to receive compliments from my readers--as if I did it myself!  I always give Tiger Team the credit, and am happy to serve as a reference to their excellent work.

What I really appreciated was how John and his team listened to me when I explained how the different parts of my business work together, and how they were able to integrate everything into a seamless system.

The expanded capability of the new brucecochran.com has increased my business, and I wonder now how I went so long with the old one.

Thanks again,

Wine Connoisseur Cochran

December 22, 2008

Thanks John for your great communication and professionalism on this project.

Scott Schuh, Owner
Lloyd Schuh Comany

December 15, 2008 

You guys do great work and with a wonderful turn around time and it is appreciated.  I was running a Christmas promotional ad on a product that I ran out of inventory on and you all were able to take that promotion down and replace it the same day.

Needless to say I appreciate it and you saved me from having to explain to a lot of customers why their item did not arrive.  Thanks again!!!

Thank you,

Russell E. Taylor
Operations Manager

December 5, 2008 

(Reprinted with permission from a weekly specials e-newsletter issued by Clark Trim, Owner of Colonial Wines & Spirits, http://www.colonialwineandspirits.com.  Colonial has been a Tiger Team Solutions client since June of 2004.)

Colonial Wines & Spirits wants to say thanks to Tiger Team Solutions, and give them a little much deserved praise and recognition for their hard work on our website, e-newsletter, and total e-marketing solutions. 

In all the years we have been sending these e-newsletters, this is the first time I have made such a recognition, and I hope that statement alone pretty much sums up my very successful and satisfied, long-term relationship with John, Brian, and Laura at Tiger Team Solutions.  They [Tiger Team Solutions] are the behind-the-scenes pros who make our presence on the web and our e-newsletter the success it is today.  

If your e-solutions aren't producing [the positive results] you expected, we at Colonial can say with no reservations, it pays to have a Tiger on your team. 

Clark Trim, Owner
Colonial Wines & Spirits

December 2, 2008

I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend the folks at Tiger Team Solutions http://www.bestwebsitedevelopment.com/.

John Powers at Tiger Team has done a great job over the past few months in designing the Arkansas Environmental Federation’s, as well as the Government Solutions' new websites. 

Tiger Team is great to work with, they’re experts on all the latest web based technology, their services are reasonably priced and I’ve found them remarkably responsive to our needs, both during development and afterward. 

So, if you’re looking for help with your website, give Tiger Team a call 501-228-4638.

Randy Thurman
Executive Director
Arkansas Environmental Federation

November 24, 2008

I am very pleased with the work that Tiger Team did on my website... I think it was handled with a high degree of professionalism and I felt – and continue to feel - well cared for as a customer.

Thanks again!

Janay Henry
InnerGlo Bath and Body 

 December 26, 2007

Environmental consulting is all about building a loyal client base through professional knowledge and helping clients meet their regulatory deadlines.

The Client Relationship Management (CRM) system that Tiger Team developed for ECCI allows us to track those deadlines and automatically notify clients of pending permit requirements.

The CRM system functions as it was supposed to, was developed on time, and within our budget. We cannot be more pleased with Tiger Team and how they have taken a real interest in helping ECCI grow our business through their technology!

Leslie Davis, Project Manager
Engineering, Compliance & Construction, Inc.

November 29, 2007

Our experience with Tiger Team Solutions was nothing short of incredible. As a first time participant in the design and development of a corporate website, there was a tremendous amount of unknowns relative to the entire process of creating the Simplified Medical website.

The staff at Tiger Team Solutions not only provided a tremendous amount of guidance and input, they did it in a way which incorporated the elements of our companies’ image, culture, and style into a professional, dynamic website that will generate a tremendous amount of traffic moving forward. I encourage anyone in my same position to consider Tiger Team Solutions as a turn-key solution to their website needs.

Darren M. Meyers, President
Simplified Medical

August 8, 2007

When we launched our consulting business a few years back, we didn't have the money to hire a company to create a professional-looking website for us. We made do with a site we built ourselves, and, quite frankly, we were not all that proud of it because it had a distinct "home-made" look to it. This spring, we decided to hire a professional to upgrade our site. Tiger Team Solutions came highly recommended to us by a friend.

They worked diligently to give our site a more professional look and to make it more user friendly. We are now so proud of our site. We believe our website will now be a more effective marketing tool for our business. Thanks Tiger Team Solutions!"

Candace McRae Walsh
Magnolia Blue, LLC

July 5 , 2007

My experience with Tiger Team Solutions has been very exciting and I am very satisfied with the service, after only 5 days my site is rated #1 on Google. I know this is going to be one of the best things I have ever done for my business.

Sam Dollahite

December 12, 2006

We want to express to you our appreciation for the excellent work and service Tiger Team gave us on our recent web site update. Those visiting our online shop have been pleased with the new look and the ease of use. Any future modifications will be "Tiger Team Solutions". It was great working with you!

Donna Brock
Fabrics & Frills

November 13 , 2006

Thanks Tiger Team, your support on this effort has been phenomenal!

Project Manager Contractor (EEI, Inc.)

August 16, 2006

Thank you very much - you have done an excellent job and we are very
pleased. We will certainly use your services again!

Petra King
Ice and Light Design Inc.

August 1, 2006

I Highly Recommend Tiger Team Solutions !
With all the Crazy fly-by-night web designers out there , the Tiger Team was Professional , Competitively Priced , Had Fast Turn Around and Great
E-mail and Phone. Service Response .

D. Rhodes
Exec. Partner
DAR-CHAR Investments

October 25, 2005

It might seem odd that someone who lives in New York City would end up having a website designed by a bunch of guys in Arkansas, but that’s what happened in my case. How that came about doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is that my hooking up with Tiger Team Solutions couldn’t have had a more reasonable (money-wise) or happier (design-wise) outcome. I asked Tiger Team to create a great-looking site where a few veteran Peace Corps Volunteers could share memories and images of their time in Micronesia. And almost before I knew it, they had. And they couldn’t have been easier or nicer to work with while they was doing it. As a matter of fact, their almost intuitive understanding of what I wanted was downright uncanny. I’m so happy with the site, I’m thinking about expanding it. And when I do, I won’t have to think twice about who to ask to do it. Thanks, guys!

Frank Glass

July 6 , 2005

Hey Tigers!
I just wanted to thank you so very much for always going the extra mile!!! You've been a great help to me and you are always so kind! You have a way of saying things that makes me very comfortable asking you questions & asking for your help. In other words you don't make me feel stupid & I THANK YOU VERY MUCH for that!!!! I apologize for the rush rush on everything and also THANK YOU again for getting things done in our time frames!!!

Looking forward to our continued business relationship! I'll always recommend Tiger Team Solutions to everyone I know!!!

Dot Jones
Savers Card

March 26, 2005

I was just going through my website that Tiger Team Solutions designed for my company, and I've got to tell you, I'm very pleased with the results. Tiger Team Solutions is the leader in service and customer satisfaction, before, during, and after the sale.

I'm a small business owner with a minimal budget for advertising. And my experience with Tiger Team Solutions has been far better than any of the other web designers I have worked with.

I appreciate everything they have done for Decks&More, Inc.

This is just the beginning of a long business relationship I plan to have with Tiger Team Solutions.

Michael Manees
Decks&More, Inc.

December 16, 2004

I am writing this letter to strongly recommend Tiger Team Solutions. I feel I am in a unique position to make this recommendation because they are the third web design team contracted by my company. After working with two other design teams, I knew what to look for in selecting who would design my third site. And after intense market research, I chose Tiger Team Solutions.

Tiger Team Solutions' enthusiasm and passion made a strong first impression. There are a lot of folks out there who can make a database work and put it out there on the web. But to find a team who is truly enthusiastic about your company, its image, and its goals, is not so easy. From the first time we met, Tiger Team Solutions' priority was to deliver the services my company needed, not to see what my company could do for them. Their enthusiasm and passion was consistent throughout the design and launch process, and continues today.

Once work on the new site began, their organizational skills, hard work, knowledge, and ability became evident. Our company was immediately provided with a detailed time line outlining milestones and projected completion dates. Tiger Team Solutions' hard work, knowledge, and ability enabled them to reach each milestone ahead of the projected completion date. I can’t say enough about how thorough they were, ensuring accuracy, ease of use, and operability for each task. Once the site was launched, they patiently trained our staff, spending as much time as was needed to ensure the site would produce results for our company.

I believe that price is very important. And Tiger Team Solutions delivered everything they said they would at a price hundreds of dollars below the next closest bidder.

It’s a pleasure to say, without reservation, that my company and I strongly recommend Tiger Team Solutions.

Clark Trim
President & CEO
Colonial Wines & Spirits

November 11, 2004

We are very appreciative for the time and efforts of Tiger Team Solutions. Steve and have very much enjoyed the time that we spent with their staff. They made us very comfortable during the development and implementation of our website. It could have been a very confusing and frustrating process, but they made pleasant and stress free.

Thanks Again,

Next Level Events, Inc.

September 21, 2004

Tiger Team Solutions is the best when it comes to communicating and developing original and effective ideas. I depend very much on Tiger Team Solutions to make my site the best in the satellite industry. I have total confidence that my business is growing everyday due to Tiger Team Solutions. I'm thankful for everything Tiger Team Solutions has done for me and my business.

Felix Gonzalez, Owner

June 7, 2003

When it came time for me to build a web site, I thought of a Clint Eastwood saying.

"A man's got to know his limitations."

I knew my limitations. And if I wanted the web site I'd envisioned, I needed some professionals to handle the job. The pros at Tiger Team Solutions were the answer to my prayer. These guys are good.

Tiger Team Solutions is very easy to work with. Their rates are more than reasonable and their product is second to none. But what I appreciate most is their customer service. They are quick to listen and respond to any suggestion or question I have.

I am constantly getting positive feedback about the web site they built for me. I don't hesitate to recommend Tiger Team Solutions to anyone who asks.
Thanks again,

Matt Mosler
President, Beautiful Feet Ministries

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