Our Internet Marketing Campaigns will Dramatically Improve Your Search Engine Placement.

The Tiger Team Solutions Approach to internet marketing increases sales by using proven techniques such as search engine optimization, reciprocal linking, banner programs, pay-per-click search engine placement, organic search engine placement and informational pages. The goal is to build search engine ranking for your website naturally without so much dependency on pay-per-click programs and develop the specific strategies that prove effective for each client.


Internet marketing strategies move your website up to where customers look on search engines.

  • Optimize your web pages to achieve the highest search engine ranking possible
  • Reciprocal Linking builds valuable link popularity and the top rankings on major search engines
  • Banner Programs advertise your business for pennies on the dollar, or even for free
  • Pay-Per-Click targets the most site-relevant keywords for traffic that pays for itself
  • Affiliate Programs encourage shoppers to earn commissions for sending other shoppers to your site, you only pay for referrals when shoppers BUY
  • Organic Search Engine Marketing returns results based on content and keyword relevancy
  • Keyword Selection targets the words people use most frequently in search engines
  • Daily and Weekly Monitoring tracks your rankings in all the major search engines

While optimizing your Web site to rank well for search engines takes more effort than buying a print or TV ad, it has the highest proven return-of-investment results. It is the most effective form of supplemental online marketing. The low cost, high relevancy and high conversion rates make it an ideal marketing vehicle for almost any business.

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