MySQL Versus Microsoft Access

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Posted: Friday, September 21st, 2007 at 05:39 PM.
MySQL Versus Microsoft Access

MySQL is a much more stable and faster database than Microsoft Access.  MySQL is also open-source, which means that it is free. 

As a leading web development company, the web developers at Tiger Team Solutions use MySQL as our database of choice.  Our web developers use MySQL when building Content Management System (CMS) websites and custom internet and intra-net applications.  The stability and security of MySQL is hard to beat, and the benchmarked MySQL query response times are unparalleled.

Like Microsoft Access, MySQL is a file-based system.  This means that

MySQL for real-world applications 

As noted above, MySQL is used as the database of choice by our web developers for the two most popular website applications deployed by Tiger Team Solutions.  The two applications are:  Joomla!, an Open Source CMS application project, and Zencart, an Open Source shopping cart application.

The precursor to Joomla! is Mambo, another Open Source Content Management System that has since fallen out of mainstream use.  The discontinuation of Mambo happened as a result of improvements in security and changes to many of the core classes of the application as it transformed to Joomla!.

Zencart has its roots in OS Commerce, an older Open Source shopping cart with substantially fewer features and flexibility than Zencart.  Zencart works more like a hybrid of a Content Management System and a shopping cart application than OS Commerce.  The web developers at Tiger Team Solutions prefer Zencart because Zencart allows the Store Administrator to add and edit content pages in addition to the standard products administration features available in most online storefront software.

Using the MySQL Open Source Database

There are a couple of really cool (and free!) GUI Frontend tools available for use with the MySQL database.  One is called PHP MyAdmin, and the other one is called MySQL Control Center, or MySQLCC.  My personal favorite is MySQLCC; it is easy to use and very intuitive.  Web developers will find it is quick and easy to install for all flavors of operating systems, too.

Make Microsoft Access talk to MySQL

In order to preserve database table structures and data from existing Microsoft Access databases during migration to a MySQL database, your web developer will need a Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) tool.  ODBC acts as an interpreter between Microsoft Access and MySQL, translating the table and column definitions from the Microsoft Access proprietary format to the MySQL Open Source standard format. 

Try MySQL for yourself

Here are some links where you or your web developer can get a copy of the software discussed in this article by Tiger Team Solutions:

MySQL Free Database Server for web developers  Download MySQL Control Center for web developers

ODBC Connectivity Tools for web developers

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